How can web conferencing increase meeting productivity?

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Traditional face to face meetings have been found to be unproductive.

Meetings are an important part of any growing and developing business - an old tradition of gathering the team to check in on projects or address concerns.

However, in recent times, a number of surveys and reports have been released which have indicated that meetings are an unproductive part of the day. One survey, of 400 employees from Robert Half Management Resources, found up to 25 per cent of meeting time is futile. This could mean 15 minutes of an hour long meeting is wasted.

One way to increase the productivity of meetings is by introducing web conferencing. Taking meetings online is an increasingly popular way of conducting business and should raise productivity across the whole organisation.

Here are two ways that web conferencing boosts meeting productivity:

1) The right people can attend

One of the main reasons found by Robert Half for unproductive meetings was the wrong people were invited to attend. If inappropriate people are at the meeting, it will probably run over time and if they have come to your site, will potentially cost you dearly in travel expenses.

The beauty of web conferencing is that you can send out invitations and agendas before the online meeting begins to gauge who can and will attend. If they join the meeting and realise the topic doesn't apply to them, then they can quit the meeting without fuss.

2) Sticking to an agenda

The most common response from the survey was business leaders failing to stick to the agenda. This can turn into a major problem when clients and customers have multiple meetings lined up or are based in different time zones or remote locations.

To address this concern, web conferencing could be a solution. By using short, sharp powerpoints and spreadsheets, business leaders will find it easy to stick to the plan and there is more incentive to conduct quick and efficient business.

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Last updated on May 24, 2017 09:18

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