How can teleconferencing improve productivity?

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Teleconferencing can solve common issues around scheduling meetings.

As business competition increases, the productivity of your workers could be the difference between moving forward in the market or struggling to stay afloat. Giving your business a chance is half the battle, and incorporating tools like teleconferencing can provide the edge to stay at the top of the game.

Here are three ways that teleconferencing can boost your business productivity.

HR and grievance reporting

The Human Resources department is often busy organising payroll or professional development sessions and doesn't always have time for organised meetings or discussions. Teleconferencing can enable the department to stay connected to the team and be available for impromptu talks. 

Also, if employees have grievances regarding bullying or personal problems, HR departments can hold teleconferences across the business and include all relevant parties. This means productivity is increased and grievances can be dealt with in a timely manner.

Cross-department meetings

In large headquarters, co-workers can be separated by multiple levels or even entire buildings. As departments within bigger businesses operate on different timetables and work schedules, it can be difficult to organise places or times to meet.

This is where teleconferencing can come in handy. Employees can converse with up to 200 colleagues at once while simply sitting at their desk, keeping the strategy of the business streamlined across all departments.

Home-based workers

There are now more home-based workers across the world than ever before, and Australia is no different. Even though these workers usually work from home, significant time is often wasted traveling to and from the business, often unnecessarily.

To maximise productivity, businesses can choose to use teleconferencing and enable home-based workers to stay in close contact with colleagues without having to travel at all. Home-based workers can achieve more while remaining an important part of projects at work.


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