How to perform a great teleconference performance review

251115.jpgFor many employees, a performance review is a great indicator of personal progress. While many major issues would be flagged outside of a review, this occasion presents an opportunity to get into the details of the role and the improvements that a worker can concentrate on moving forward.

A performance review is also an ideal way for employees to convey their future goals and objectives in a private setting. However, this process is also evolving quickly, thanks to new technologies.

The changing face of performance reviews

With Australia part of the expanding business world, the process of reviewing performance has changed considerably in recent times. While in the past, business leaders would sit down with employees and talk through their progress, many departments are now split up - meaning managers and workers could be located in different cities or even countries.

As such, technology such as teleconferencing allows leaders to conduct a formal performance review, while bringing the added bonus of having other managers on the line to provide their insight. This makes conference call appraisals an important concept in the coming years.

Are performance reviews still necessary?

According to the findings of a recent survey from recruitment firm OfficeTeam, the performance review isn't worth the effort for many employees. Based on the respondents, 25 per cent of workers believe that this process doesn't improve their individual performance.

On the other hand, 89 per cent of HR managers stated the opposite, stating that appraisals did help performance.

Executive Director of OfficeTeam Robert Hosking explained the importance of performance reviews within the business setting.

"All performance appraisals are not created equal. Companies need to determine the format and frequency of these assessments that works best for their employees," he said.

"Love them or hate them, performance discussions can be an effective tool, as long as both managers and workers properly prepare."

Tips for positive teleconference performance reviews

Based on the above statistics, employee engagement is clearly a missing factor throughout current performance reviews. In order for workers to get something meaningful out of the exercise, the University of Berkeley made a number of suggestions. These included:

1) Let the employee start

An appraisal is a two-way street so it is recommended to let the employee go first. Before you add your performance results and possible improvements, allowing a staff member the opportunity to discuss progress in their own words can provide honesty and clarity.

2) Set meaningful goals

Nearly all workers are looking for progression, which is why goals and expectations should be outlined during the conference call. Perhaps set some targets for improvements and check in again before the next performance review is scheduled.

If your business is looking for an innovative way to perform appraisals, a teleconference might be the avenue to take. For more information, contact Eureka Conferencing today.


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