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How to make presentations that pop

Posted by Eureka Editor

Last updated on July 15, 2016

One of the major benefits associated with web conferencing is that it gives you the ability to share presentations with people in a wide range of locations.

You do not have to rely on words alone to convey your ideas - you can use visual aids to get your message across in a more engaging and impactful way.

The question is, how do you make presentations that pop? 

It is important to keep it simple. If you try to include too many images or a whole lot of unnecessary text on each slide, you run the risk of overwhelming your viewers and losing their attention. 

Instead, make sure each slide has plenty of white space, so your viewers' eyes are drawn to the important bits of information. Only include a small amount of text and present it using bullet points and short sentences. It is also best if each slide only conveys one point.

This will stop people from being so distracted by your presentations that they tune out and miss what you are saying.

In addition to this, ensure there is a good contrast between the background colour of your slides and the text. Employing a light-coloured background with dark-coloured text in a readable font will make sure your presentation is easy to see and read. 

Give your slides a cohesive visual theme, so your viewers are not confused by changing background colours or inconsistent font. A consistent presentation will demonstrate to your viewers that what you are saying has been well thought out and planned.

Never simply read what is written on your slides to your viewers - you presentation should complement what you are saying, and vice versa, rather than being a mirror image of it.

Finally, make sure you are able to soldier on if your presentation is affected by technical difficulties. Of course, with a 24/7 help desk on stand-by, this should not be an issue!


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