How to maintain focus during an after-hours teleconference

blog1305One of the consequences of businesses operating across borders is that you'll often have to undertake meetings and conference calls outside of working hours.

For example, an east coast Australian business with a network of clients and customers in Europe or the UK may conduct a teleconference late at night or very early in the morning to ensure that communication between the two parties remains up to date. However, since you aren't physically at work, the focus or concentration isn't as high as during the week and important information could be missed.

As such, we've compiled a comprehensive list of tips to ensure that your teleconference is as professional as possible, despite the fact that you might be in your pyjamas.

1) Plan your location

While at work most people will be able to escape into a meeting room to conduct a teleconference, you probably won't get that luxury at home, unfortunately. This means you'll have to decide on the best location in your home to ensure you have peace and quiet away from children, pets and traffic noise.

If you live in a shared house or flat, consider letting people know that you need a quiet space for a business conference call. By showing others respect, they'll most likely respect your need for peace.

2) Plan the agenda

Since the teleconference is on your own time, you don't want it to last longer than it has to. As such, creating a clear agenda for the teleconference and sticking to it is critical. To ensure that all the relevant points will be covered, remember to email the agenda to those attending, who can then provide questions and further topics for discussion.

It is a good idea to record your conference too, as having a copy of proceedings could be vital for future reference.

3) Plan the solutions

As overseas guests are connected to the teleconference during their work day, it's imperative that any technical problems are solved as quickly as possible. 

Eureka Conferencing offers a 24/7 support team that you can either ring or chat online with to solve your teleconferencing issues. Often we are able to talk you through step by step to ensure that your conference call time is maximised.

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