How to create collaboration between distant departments

In the 80s and 90s, businesses often only operated in one country. Bound by the significant cost of heading into overseas markets and the reluctance to expand, many companies felt secure in their own environment.

worldHowever, thanks to technology and many economic factors, the tables have now certainly turned.

Businesses across Australia have implemented key departments in countries such as New Zealand, Indonesia, China and even as far as the UK and US. While this premise brings many benefits, it can be hard to get teams to work with each other when they've never met their overseas counterparts.

With this in mind, what can businesses do to improve cross-department collaboration?

Meet and greets

Businesses with departments in two countries are often limited by one key aspect - communication. With the absence of meeting each other and discussing projects face to face, getting tasks moving in the right direction can be tricky.

This can be hampered by employees not understanding what role their colleague plays in the department and a lack of respect between parties.

To combat this, it would benefit businesses to send their workers over to the foreign departments for a basic meet and greet. By working in the office for as short a week, employees can begin to get a sense of the person behind the name and improve their working relationship. 

However, for many growing companies, this method is financially out of question. So what other options are there?

Web conferencing 

This cost-effective option is perfect for businesses wanting departments in different countries to work together more efficiently. With the ability to see the other person live, employees can share presentations, slide shows, documents, videos and much more through a web conference.

As a result, businesses can enjoy better productivity from both sides and understand that both departments are working with, rather than against, each other.

We have just created a new whitepaper on how conferencing can benefit your business by saving you time and money!

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