How every retailer can improve sales opportunities this Christmas

The forecast for this year’s silly season is strong for the Australian retail sector. According to Emily Bencic from Appliance Retailer, Christmas spending for 2016 is expected to increase based on last year’s growth of 4.2%.

With just 15 weeks to go, potential sales opportunities and increased competition is at the forefront of the minds of state, regional and store managers. The ultimate goal during this busy period is to take advantage of the seasonal retail explosion to maximise sales and exceed targets.

As Christmas gets closer, retail stores experience an increase in customers, so emotions are high and patience is thin. In his article ‘7 retail customer experience mistakes retailers make’, Bob Phibbs recognises the importance of not “allowing long wait lines at the counter” and only “selling what the customer asks for”. Having staff on the floor ready to assist customers with their queries is crucial to a positive customer experience and essential to the store’s success. Busy cashiers and long wait lines lead to lost sales that could be avoided by ensuring staff are available and attentive to the needs of the customer. All retailers are looking to sell more during the silly season - don’t miss the opportunity to do so by being unprepared.Busy_Christmas_Trading.jpg

Weekly store meetings are important - but what is the cost to productivity?

All retailers have regular weekly meetings between head offices and stores to prepare for the week of trading to come. With this regular meeting, staff members are required to take a call or attend a virtual meeting with their managers and fellow store counterparts.

What is the cost to the store when a staff member isn’t on the floor and is instead out the back trying to find their conference codes to dial in to their weekly meeting? Lost opportunities for sales, lost opportunities to serve those customers who are ready to buy and lost opportunities to on-sell further products to those customers!

Don’t risk losing sales this Christmas period by having staff tied up for too long off the shop floor. 

Receiving important trading info in a quick manner

Competitor updates, changes to window displays or new sales promotions are important topics to discuss during the busy Christmas trading period. In order to prepare your stores and staff as best as possible for this peak trading time, it is important to ensure they are equipped with all important information quickly and efficiently. Such information is usually delivered through weekly or daily conference call updates to stores, or lengthy emails which can take a significant amount of time to read and absorb.

However, having busy, sometimes stressed, staff members who are trying to deliver a high-quality customer experience, whilst moving and pricing stock, meeting targets and keeping the store clean and tidy, may mean they aren’t on time to their important meetings. Don’t let your staff miss out on receiving crucial information because they couldn’t find their dial-in codes that are buried under mountains of new stock.

There is a way of ensuring staff are joined into conference on time, increasing meeting efficiency, reducing stress and allowing them to spend maximum time on the floor making sales.

Use a ‘blast dial out’ conferencing service to ensure staff are on the floor as much as possible

Utilising a conferencing provider that can dial in all of your participants for you will ensure staff aren’t stuck trying to get organised for a meeting, wasting precious selling time. Competition with other stores is heightened during the silly season - don’t risk losing your hard-earned sales to other stores due to a lack of staff availability on the floor.

If you would like to learn more about how your business could utilise a ‘blast dial out’ conferencing service to connect its stores, get in touch with the team at Eureka Conferencing today.

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Last updated on March 29, 2017 10:41

Berit Richardson

Written by Berit Richardson