How to enhance communication in the retail sector

It’s Monday morning. You are a busy state manager preparing the weekly communication email you distribute to each of your stores about targets, revenue and performance. The region isn’t tracking strongly enough to meet this month’s targets and you’re worried the store managers aren’t reading your emails.

You need to ensure your store managers are briefed on previous performance and upcoming targets and understand the plan to achieve them so they can prepare for a successful week ahead and motivate their team. Sending out a lengthy email with important business information that takes a significant amount of time to compile and is read by only 50% of your sales managers isn’t conducive to a successful week of sales. Maybe there’s a better way to communicate with your team to be sure that your message is received, heard and shared.

Verbal communication versus email communication

In his article in the Harvard Business Review, Anthony Tjan speaks of the importance of live conversations versus those in email when trying to ensure your message is delivered and understood. Tjan states, “This is especially true when people are trying to resolve a conflict or communicate an important business decision”.

Communicating verbally ensures your team receives your message about store targets and performance, new products or information on competitor activity.  Speaking to your team directly, rather than composing an email and hoping it’s read, is a far more effective way to ensure your message is heard and promotes an instant two-way conversation.

So, how do you deliver the same message at the same time to store managers at different locations?  Hosting a conference call could be the way to improve communication and save time for you and your team.  

Having a conference call each week with your team of store manager’s to run through the previous week’s results, where you stand as a region month to date and in-store expectations for the coming week, will allow the team to ask questions if required and verbally confirm they understand the direction of the business.

Top retail priorities in 2016 and how to achieve them

According to Inside Retail, 51% of all retailers consider “increasing sales” in 2016 to be their top priority when trading. To ensure appropriate pathways are put in place to achieve a higher volume of sales, retailers must confirm all staff understand their role in helping the business and are able to achieve higher sales targets consistently.

Conference calls are known to have many benefits, which you can learn more about here, one main benefit includes improved productivity. Ensuring staff understand their roles, are engaged with the business and are using their time effectively contributes to improved productivity which can be enhanced by using conference calling services.

Knowing for sure that your message has been received and heard by your store managers, means you can advise senior management that your region is prepared and ready to go for the week ahead. You can also focus your efforts on attaining set revenue targets and feel confident that your dispersed team is united in their efforts to achieve their goals, while providing customers with an optimal in-store experience.

Following the conference call with an email summary of the meeting’s key points would help to re-inforce your message and act as a point of reference for staff if required.

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Berit Richardson

Written by Berit Richardson