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Not all marketers are able to keep up. Teleconferencing helps CMOs every day.

Chief marketing officers (CMOs) are in a precarious position. The speed at which their medium is developing is leaving many wondering how they can keep up.

While this is no doubt a thrilling time to be in marketing, certain trends - particularly in data analytics and consumer demand - mean that the role of these people is constantly changing.

For instance, social media allows consumer trends to begin, spread, reach their peak and decline at a faster speed than ever before. A year-long marketing strategy is no longer the best way to keep a brand at the pinnacle of popularity.

Marketing strategy will need to change direction quickly - sometimes within a week or less - and it will be up to CMOs to make sure they are doing this adequately.

However, recent research from The Economist Intelligence Unit found that 80 per cent of CMOs will not be able to keep up with the speed of marketing without changes to their organisation.

Fortunately, greater communication tools are available, with teleconferencing and web conferencing an ideal solution to many of these issues.

Teleconferencing for marketers

The quickest way to communicate is still through the human voice. While one-on-one phone calls will fall out of fashion for their ponderous nature, a teleconferencing service is able to link a CMO with their colleagues and superiors in a matter of minutes.

This will give them the strategic advantage of speed, especially when it comes to making yes or no decisions on the fly.

Web conferencing to benefit

Marketing is a complicated beast, and sometimes words are not enough. If CMOs wish to discuss their findings or share ideas for a marketing campaign, they can pass visual information to the right people in one simple web conference.

With three quarters of CMO respondents believing they will receive responsibility for company strategy within the next five years, it will be up to those in charge to ensure they are able to communicate in the most effective ways possible.

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Last updated on February 2, 2015 09:17

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