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Unfortunately, some people may need to work over the upcoming Easter break. It doesn't take much to imagine how far-reaching the mental and physical effects of overwork are - from disengagement and faltering productivity to the strain put on people's personal lives.

Instead of travelling into an office, using a teleconference will save time and energy, leaving more time to spend with loved ones and relieving some of the stress of working over the break.

As mobile devices allow employees to never be a few clicks away from their work, even at home, here are three ways a simple, low-cost teleconferencing service can help remedy the situation.

Supports flexible working - working from the comfort of home is a great way to allow employees to readdress their work-life balance, and with teleconferencing possible through either landlines or mobile phones, they will be kept up to speed even when away from the office.

Helps to manage time - a major drain on time can be slow and lengthy daily processes. From typing emails to arranging meetings, these do nothing to simplify a worker's day. Teleconferencing can be set up in minutes and allows people to share information at the speed of sound.

Saves money - eliminating travel time gives people more options with their availability which means that conference calls can be conducted at short notice. This leads to greater interaction between employees, equipping them with the ability to make fast decisions.


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Happy Easter!

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