Debunking 3 web conference myths

New technologies aren’t always adopted right away. In fact, it can take many years for new technologies to be fully ingrained in society due to adoption barriers. Adoption barriers are concerns people have about a new technology or product that prevent them from using it. Often these barriers are untrue or simply just a misunderstanding.

Web conferencing is one technology that has had a slow adoption. Here are three standard myths or misunderstandings about web conferencing that have prevented the adoption of the technology on a large scale, despite being false.

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There are many myths surrounding the web conferencing concept.

1) It requires expensive equipment

Web conferencing does not require a huge setup like people believe. In fact, one of the benefits of web conferencing is that it’s easy and inexpensive to set up. You only require a computer with a webcam and a quality internet connection to begin using the tool. There is no need for expensive, dedicated video conference setups.

Once you have chosen a provider, you can begin web conferencing straightaway.

2) It isn't personal

Although a web conference eliminates the physical interaction between parties, it opens up a great way of working and discussing projects with clients and customers. With the ability to share screens and collaborate on work, everyone is on the same page from the beginning.

With web conferencing, everyone gets a visual on the work that is being done. This way, people who work better visually can work and collaborate on a project from anywhere. More people being able to work from any location allows for more efficient meetings and presentations.

On top of this, with the use of webcams, you are still able to see each other during the presentation. You won’t be missing out on those visual cues that are essential in many types of communication.

3) It's a hassle to join a meeting

The development of new technologies now have a strong focus on usability and the user experience. This means that new technology is more focused on being easy to use.

Web conferencing is becoming easier by the minute. As well as using the program itself, downloading and installing the software is easy with most providers. The Eureka web conferencing software will download automatically if you are invited to an interactive meeting. Just follow the prompts to install and you’ll be ready to go.

If your meeting is a webinar then it will open in an internet browser screen (no download) and you will join the web conference. Just follow the audio options your meeting host has provided.


Web conferencing is nothing to be afraid of. When combined with a teleconferencing service, web conferencing is the most efficient and cost-effective method of hosting a meeting with people in different locations.


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