Could the prospect of new skills attract jobseekers?

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New skills could attract candidates to positions.

To make themselves attractive to jobseeking candidates, businesses today must stand out from the crowd. Whether this comes in the form of higher wages, a fun office environment or performance rewards, potential employees have to see the benefits in accepting a job offer.

In fact, according to the results of a recent Robert Half Finance & Accounting survey, learning new skills is a top consideration for candidates who are thinking about changing jobs. Polling more than 2,500 finance and accounting professionals, 64 per cent noted the importance of obtaining additional skills, while maintaining current skills is a top priority for 50 per cent.

Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half explained that candidates at "every career stage" are interested in learning new skills that can maximise their opportunities in the future.

"Our company's research has found a lack of advancement opportunities is a top reason good employees quit, trailing only inadequate compensation," he said.

"A company's best performers are often the first to leave if their employer does not provide ample training and development to help them grow professionally."

What could these new skills include?

Offering the incentive of learning new skills is something that every business has a different approach to. However, it is safe to say that technology will play a major role.

For example, both teleconferencing and web conferencing are growing technologies and learning them can add real value to any CV. To successfully run a conference call, employees must have leadership skills, confidence, problem-solving abilities and the drive to interpret emotions. All these attributes can shape a better-rounded employee and allow them to be more productive in their work.

Of course, conference calls are an increasingly popular option, so younger candidates would do well to learn the basics and obtain skills in this area.

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Last updated on September 24, 2015 10:22

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