Confessions of a web conferencing expert [abridged]


We recently interviewed one of our experts to get the lowdown on how web conferencing can transform your next conference call.

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Q: Who uses web conferencing?

We service all organisations, from commercial to not-for-profit – some have regular weekly meetings and others get together on an ad-hoc basis.

Q: What types of meetings are suitable for web conferences?

A: Any type of meeting where participants in multiple locations need to see a presentation or share screens to show important documents or reports.

Q: Do participants need any special equipment to host or join a web conference?

A: Other than a computer and a reliable internet connection, and a webcam if participants want to see each other, special equipment is not needed.

Q: Do participants need to download any special software?

A: There is no need to download any special software. Once they have received an invitation from the meeting organiser, participants can join the web conference via their web browser. 

Q: What is the main difference between web conferencing and video conferencing?

A: Video conferencing is the live streaming of images over the internet and simply adds another interactive layer to web conferencing.

Q: What are the features most valued by your customers?

A: Many of my customers find the recording feature extremely useful. Others love our screen sharing capabilities, the ability to annotate and highlight, and the instant messaging function.

Q: Why do conference call customers like web conferencing?

A: Customers like that they can initiate a web conference and invite participants at a moment’s notice via our web portal. They also like that they can choose which part of their screen they share with meeting participants.

Q: Do you provide 24/7 helpdesk support?

A: We are always available to help the host run their meeting as smoothly as possible. If they have any technical difficulties, participants can press *0*0 on their telephone keypad and we’ll be there to help in an instant.

Q: What are the main benefits of using web conferencing?

A: Cost effectiveness and the ability to collaborate by sharing screens are the main benefits of web conferencing when a group of people in different locations, and often time zones, need to come together to share ideas and make decisions quickly.

Q: How would users get the most out of their web conferencing experience?

A: Bundling audio with web conferencing ensures customers get the most out of their web conferencing experience.

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