Conferencing in the cloud and how it can benefit your business

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Is your business communicating through the cloud?

Many businesses will know exactly how expensive IT can be. Maintaining and upgrading servers to cope with swelling data capacities, making sure that computing power is not slowing down workers and improving storage demands requires constant attention.

What's more, there's no end in sight for many organisations. As more information needs storing and data files grow in size, a business may think it has reached the finish line in its IT development, only for it to constantly move further away.

That, in essence, is why cloud computing has become a huge part of our business lives - in Australia and on a global level.

Web conferencing services in Australia, for example, take the strain of processing the information that is being sent between users. Not only does this allow a meeting to flow at full speed, it means hosting an online meeting is less expensive than maintaining a similar file-share system within a company.

This is why the federal government have authorising the use of cloud technology and made it compulsory in handling authority data, according to a joint statement by Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, Attorney-General George Brandis and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

A new government mandate requires all departments to use cloud solutions when possible, to both cut operating costs and speed up processing across the nation. 

"The availability of cloud services offers an opportunity for government to deliver services more efficiently, as well as providing services that are more responsive to business and community needs," the statement explained.

The government said it hopes businesses across the nation will follow its lead in reaping the low-cost benefits of cloud technology.

"We are committed to leading by example, demonstrating the benefits of investing in and using cloud services," the government release concluded.

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Last updated on October 29, 2014 22:51

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