Conference calls for non-profit organisations

charitySave your non-profit or charitable organisation time and money with teleconferencing.

Communication is the key to success in any business. When used effectively, not only can it streamline decision-making but it also increases productivity and means better collaboration between employees.

As a non-profit organisation, chances are you lack both time and money. The volunteers or employees of your organisation are busy and don’t have the time to travel for meetings.

Instead of travelling interstate or even overseas to have face-to-face meetings, holding a conference call can be a more cost-effective option for communicating between geographically-dispersed teams.

Reducing the time and cost associated with face-to-face meeting means conference calls enable you to have more regular meetings and stay updated more easily.

Conference calls can be arranged with less prior notice, don’t require booking a venue or arranging travel, and can include as many people as necessary.

To top it all off, by not travelling to meetings you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and help to save the environment!

While you might be tempted to save even more money by using a free conferencing provider, there are several potential issues to be aware of. Make sure your provider can give you a quality service and meet all your needs.


'Free' providers often charge hidden fees such as account-keeping fees or long-distance call charges. Instead, choose a provider that charges a simple low fee with no hidden extra charges.


Free services generally use the internet to deliver their service, which can be very unreliable. The audio quality of these providers is therefore also substandard, leaving your conference prone to drop-outs and bad audio quality. Check that your chosen provider is able to deliver a quality experience for you and your organisation.


Free providers usually do not provide any customer support. If you do run into difficulties trying to host or join a conference, there isn’t anybody available to help you. If customer support is important to you, try to find a provider that offers this service.


If you would like to record your important conferences, you will also need to choose a provider that offers this service. Other services that may be offered include Q&A sessions, voting sessions, roll calls or your own customised welcome greeting.

Conference calls are very easy to use. We’ve created an infographic so you can see for yourself how straightforward it is. You can also read our frequently asked questions for more information.

If your organisation is interested in experiencing the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of teleconferencing in action, please don’t hesitate to contact Eureka Conferencing on 1800 735 260. You can try our services for free or register for an account to get started on the path to reduced costs and increased productivity.

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