Increase productivity with these collaboration tools

Collaboration is defined as working with someone to create something. It is an important part of working life in most businesses, as teams must work efficiently to achieve their goals.

There are many tools that can be used to increase collaboration within your business. Here are three tools you can use to make sure your business is collaborating effectively.

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Google Docs

Google Docs allows multiple people to work on one document at the same time. With the ability to create word documents, spreadsheets and presentations, it is a great alternative to Microsoft Office when you need to collaborate and work together all at once.

Using a service like Google Docs increases the efficiency of your team as it reduces the amount of time spent waiting for documents to be free. When everyone is able to use the same document all at once, this decreases confusion by avoiding having multiple versions of the same document.


google docs screenshot

Image: Google Docs in use. The coloured cursor shows where someone else is currently working on the document.

Web conferencing and teleconferencing

Web conferencing and teleconferencing are great ways for your team to collaborate when being in the same room isn’t possible. When collaborating on a project it is important that your team members can contact each other easily. Using web conferencing and teleconferencing will give your team the ability to speak to each other as well as share their work visually.

Your team's efficiency will increase with web and teleconferencing. With the ability to conference at any time as soon as it's required, your team will spend less time waiting for emails and more time communicating with each other.


Trello is a project management tool that can be used to organise tasks and team members. Trello allows you to create a dashboard for your project. This dashboard allows you to create tasks or ‘cards’. You can use these cards to create to-do lists, have discussions about the project or share information with other team members.

Using Trello allows you to track the progress of the project as well as keep all relevant information in the same place. This is a great way to keep everyone in the team up-to-date on the project and gives them something to refer to when it comes to the tasks each team member may be responsible for.

 trello screenshot.png

Image: Trello dashboard screenshot. Add as many cards and lists as you like to manage your project and track activity in the column on the right. 

The use of collaboration tools is important for any team that needs to work together to achieve their goals. Not having the correct tools can hold a team back from producing exceptional work.

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Melinda Vaelioja

Written by Melinda Vaelioja