Celebrating 25 years of internet in Australia

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The internet has come a long way in 25 years. The way people from all over Australia can communicate has led to web conferencing becoming a popular tool for business.

It was just over a quarter of a century ago when Australia first connected to the internet.

Since then, communication has advanced at a thrilling rate of knots. Leisure activities have become on-demand, with high-speed broadband able to deliver television as a digital service.

For businesses, the speed and versatility at which professionals can communicate has led to an astounding amount of growth for those who have remained at the cutting-edge of available services.

To commemorate how the internet has revolutionised communications in Australia, we're celebrating the ways the internet has allowed web conferencing services to thrive down under.

Ease of use

When the internet launched in 1984, users needed a decent knowledge of computer science to operate the complex hardware.

With the personal computer still a relatively new concept, it would be some time before consumer-friendly equipment and software would make communication simple for the everyman.

Now, web conferencing can be hosted by anyone from virtually anywhere. Participants need only a computer and an internet connection to host or join meetings.

What's more, no expense is needed on software or hardware: web conferencing is done entirely through a user-friendly, hosted service, allowing for speed, simplicity and flexibility.

Low cost

Owning a computer was not financially possible for many companies 25 years ago. As recently as 10 years ago, the internet was a more expensive service, with competitive providers eventually bringing it down to the essentially low price it is today.

Low cost web conferencing is also a product of increased demand, with services priced in competitive ways.

Pay-per-minute offers infrequent users the ability to make web conference calls as they are needed. More regular users can find an even lower rate with monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Not sure how much you will use web conferencing? Test the water with our free trial.

A nationwide service

It's not easy to get people together in such an expansive nation. As the sixth largest country in the world, some of Australia's best characteristics can be found in its diversity.

But how can people from Perth regularly share with Brisbanites? What if folk from Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne and Alice Springs all wanted to join the conversation?

Web conferencing works with the best of Australia's internet to bridge our geographical limitations, helping to make businesses resourceful and inclusive.

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