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Collaboration is a key element of digital marketing.

Has a new enterprise entered your market recently? If so, your business is probably not alone.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of actively trading businesses grew 1 per cent between June 2013 and June 2014 to reach more than 2.1 million. While this is positive for the country's economy, it poses a number of stresses for existing businesses and the way they reach their customer base.

The growth of digital marketing

As a result of technological improvements and the need to diversify engagement techniques, the concept of digital marketing has grown significantly in recent years.

Taking the best elements of the marketing department and the IT department, businesses can increase the promotion of their products through electronic media such as websites, applications, social media and online advertisements.

Digital marketing is vital moving forward.Digital marketing is a crucial forward step.

Communication prevents growth

For all the positives of digital marketing, it's a collaborative process that requires the thoughts and ideas from two historically different departments - marketing and IT. As such, if a business doesn't have seamless communication between these parties, the enterprise can struggle to produce high-quality advertising campaigns.

This was cited recently by both Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group in a survey of 2,500 chief information officers (CIO) and 400 advertising and marketing executives. 

According to the results, 24 per cent of creative executives believe their business is struggling with the integration of these departments during digital marketing projects. In fact, significantly more CIOs (42 per cent) held the same sentiment.

Robert Half Technology Senior Executive Director John Reed explained how some businesses address this issue.

"Digital marketing requires close collaboration between cross-functional teams that view initiatives through different lenses."

"Digital marketing requires close collaboration between cross-functional teams that view initiatives through different lenses," he said.

"Successful integration programs often entail bringing in people with new skill sets who can help bridge the gaps between the technology and marketing departments."

However, could there be another answer, such as web conferencing?

Is collaboration the key to improving integration?

When asked what their company was doing to support the digital marketing strategy, the most common answer was 'tasking employees in IT and marketing to collaborate more closely'. This attracted the attention of 68 per cent of creative executives and 47 per cent of CIOs. 

A great example of a tool that can boost collaboration is web conferencing. Despite the fact that the marketing and IT departments could be separated across countries or offices, both parties can keep up to date with project timelines and ensure everyone is working towards a shared goal.

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