Businesses are evolving to better use visual data

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Visual data like images and infographics can improve your business communication. Unlock the potential with web conferencing.

A picture is worth a thousand words - or so the popular saying goes.

While the exchange rate may not be that favourable, research shows that visual information can have a great effect on audience engagement.

The study, conducted by Forrester, suggests that the evolution of language is allowing it to take on a more visual rather than textual vocabulary.

Web conferencing services are able to transmit large volumes of this visual data to optimise business meetings across Australia.

Picture perfect

With professionals having greater workloads and less time, conveying information through images and infographics is an efficient way of engaging with an audience, the research suggests.

In her Forrester blog post, Anjali Lai said: "Interpersonal communications are shifting from being text-based to image-based, and you don't have to look far for the evidence: We spell using the emoji alphabet; we comment with photographs; we engage through pictures.

"Pure text analytics [can] no longer suffice ... instead, insights professionals have an opportunity to mine the wealth of media-rich data."

The rise is evident in social media trends. Forrester research found growing popularity in social media sites Instagram and Pinterest, both of which are solely dedicated to image sharing.

Instagram, a social media site with over 200 million users at the start of the year, announced it has seen an 11 per cent growth in users aged 18-34 and a 4 per cent rise in users over 35s since last year.

Pinterest saw 18-34 year old users increase 4 per cent, whereas those users aged 35 and over increased by 3 per cent, according to the Forrester research.

With the ever-presence of social media in our lives, the figures suggest exactly how condensed information with a high visual effect has altered the way we communicate.

By using this information, business communications can be revitalised and optimised with Web conferencing services, which allows the flow of visual data to make a greater impact among groups of professionals.

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