Boost your company's sustainability with teleconferencing

According to Global Language Monitor's Top 50 Business Buzzwords of 2013, sustainability was the third most-commonly used term in businesses all over the world last year.

It currently sits behind "content" and "social media", but it's been steadily rising since the turn of the decade - which means it could reach the coveted premier spot in 2014.

There are many benefits to making your company a more eco-friendly place. It can save your business hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in energy and other costs, improve the productivity of your employees, and boost your reputation in the eyes of both existing and prospective customers.

A quick internet search will provide you with plenty of tips and advice on how to improve your company's sustainability. It can be as simple as encouraging your employees to switch off appliances when they're not in use, ensuring all staff are recycling paper, plastics and metals, and promoting the use of public transport to get to the office each day.

Another way your business can do its bit for Mother Nature is by introducing or boosting its use of teleconferencing and web conferencing to conduct important meetings.

This is not only a more efficient and cost-effective way of having discussions with stakeholders in other parts of the country or world, but also a fantastic means of reducing the size of your carbon footprint.


For one, it completely removes the need for travel. This means the amount of carbon dioxide that would have made its way into the atmosphere as a result of people travelling to and from a face-to-face meeting is neutralised.

In addition to this, web conferencing - which allows you to share presentations online - enables you to limit the number of agendas and information sheets you need to print out, cutting down the amount of paper and ink you use!

Last updated on July 11, 2017 12:49

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