Best mobile phones for teleconferencing

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Teleconferencing is made simple with the latest smartphone technology.

One of the big advantages of teleconferencing is the ability to conduct business anywhere around the world. Businesses looking to buy smartphones for employees to conference from overseas could consider two of the most popular mobile phones on the market today  

As long as these phones have a strong WiFi or cellular connection, their mechanics and specifications should support a successful conference call.

iPhone 5s

Apple's latest smartphone released in September 2013 is one of the leading mobiles on the market today. Late last month, Apple announced 500 million iPhones had been sold, which puts them at the forefront of the smartphone world.

The newest in the range, the 5s, has many features suitable to teleconferencing. It is very light at only 112g, but also has excellent speakers if you wish to put the phone down during the call. The iPhone holds a long charge with its 1,560 mAh battery, so you don't have to worry about dead battery cutting you out during an important meeting.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The big competitor in the market to Apple is Samsung. Its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S5, was only released this month, but has received positive reviews thus far.

The Galaxy is slightly heavier than the iPhone at 145g, but this isn't seen as a major disadvantage because the two phones are just as slim. The Samsung Galaxy also has waterproof capabilities to protect against being left in wet bag or suitcase when travelling overseas.

The battery of this phone is also different to its rival. At 2,800 mAh, it has a much longer life and users can further increase this by using power saving settings available.

When planning a teleconference, it is always important to check out the capabilities of participants' devices, too, to ensure the most productive meeting possible. 

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