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Benefits of teleconferencing for charities

Posted by Eureka Editor

Last updated on September 28, 2015

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Charities have limited time and funds which makes teleconferencing perfect.

Not-for-profit organisations and charities don't have a great deal of cash to start with. The majority operate day to day from donations made by businesses and private individuals.

With most of a charity's time and effort focused on the people they are trying to help, it can be easy to think that sophisticated technology like teleconferencing is too expensive or otherwise out of reach. This is incorrect though, as this technology is very low cost and can even save the charity precious funds over time.

There are a number of benefits on offer for a non-profit organisation looking to take advantage of a teleconferencing solution. These include: 

Close contact with volunteers

Charities can keep in constant contact with volunteers through teleconferencing. If you are a large national charity such as the Salvation Army or the Australian Red Cross, then you can use conference calling to monitor progress and plan fundraisers around the country at the same time.

From the heart of your charity operation, you can also campaign for funds from businesses without high travel costs.

Low cost

The income of charities is patchy at best. At high fundraising times, money can be flowing, but at other times the organisation could be struggling.

This is why it is important that charities invest in technology that is sustainable in any economic climate, such as teleconferencing. Eureka Conferencing charges start at only 0.08 cents per caller per minute. A per minute billing system means charities are not throwing money away with unnecessary call charges. You only pay for what you use, which is how is should be!


As volunteers and charities may not have used technology like this before, it is important to ensure your teleconference provider offers a 24/7 help desk for assistance with any problems. This said, the technology is very simple to use and once learnt, it is easy to pass onto others.

The ease of teleconferencing lends itself to increasing morale as volunteers are able to get back to their work much quicker than having to travel to meetings. The flexibility of teleconferencing makes charities the perfect platform for its use.

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