3 benefits of cloud communication

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Your new cloud-based web conferencing package is ready to help benefit your business.

If you've recently adopted a web conferencing service, you'll be eager to know what kind of benefits your new tools enable. By being based in the cloud, your web conference will have some key advantages.

This is because cloud communications are some of the most adaptive and resourceful services available, and your web conferencing platform will be set up to deliver on day one.

But what are these advantages? It may not be long until you identify these yourself, but here are three key benefits to cloud communications, according to Frost & Sullivan.

1. Profit

Any new communication resource will need to provide a significant return on investment. While some businesses will hope to find profit in a number of years, a low-cost web conference is able to reduce communication costs much sooner.

To do this, a web conference connects numerous people in one digital location, removing the need for multiple one-on-one discussions. It also uses visual information to improve the quality and speed of your communication.

Meanwhile, the initial cost of hosting a conference is extremely competitive, as you'll begin to see from our conference call rates.

2. Productivity

Improving the tools your employees have to work with is a sure-fire way to improve their engagement. Your web conference service allows you to quickly set up discussions in a virtual space in next to no time.

Employees also have a new-found agility with which to work. A cloud-based web conference can be hosted and joined from virtually anywhere, linking people between offices, from home or any number of places that have an internet connection.

As Frost & Sullivan said in their report, "simple business integration enables everyone to do more with more".

3. Passion

Frost & Sullivan specified a boost to passion among employees. By giving workers a versatile and time-efficient tool, they now have new resources with which to engage customers and employees.

This can lead to more success in reaching individual targets, improving job satisfaction, the report suggests.

Let us know what other benefits you find from your new web conferencing product.

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Last updated on January 13, 2015 23:51

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