Benefits of beginning on a per-minute billing teleconferencing system

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Starting in a user-pays system holds benefits for a business.

For businesses and smaller entities that want to incorporate teleconference services one downside could be the cost. This doesn't apply to just the joining fee, but the price of the calls themselves. Some conference technology providers offer a per-minute billing with no set-up costs and installation fees.

This operates as a test to see how much a new business will use the system.

Businesses that have these concerns, but still want all the benefits of communicating with remote clients and employees are recommended to sign up with a teleconference provider that offers a per-minute billing system to start.

This system benefits any business that signs up, as it gives freedom of choice and the power to stay connected on a lower bill.

User pays

With a system that allows business to dictate how much it pays for a call, business leaders are more likely to use it as they know the toll rate beforehand. For example, a call to an Australian Capital City Access Number will only cost eight cents per caller per minute and a call into countries like Denmark and Italy will be up to 68 cents per caller per minute.

This low rate to domestic Australian numbers may be useful to local business that only teleconference internally, while an international rate will be competitive for big multi-national companies. There are no surprises on opening the bill.

As the business only pays for minutes actually used, it is a very efficient system for companies on tight budgets.

This system is one of the cheapest available for quality conferencing technology so businesses can continue to operate in any market around the world and avoid unnecessary travel costs.

Companies that see commercial benefits to teleconferencing could be interested in investigating web conferencing software which can be paid for in monthly or annual subscriptions.

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Last updated on May 24, 2017 15:30

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