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Sidney Ferguson

5 ways to evaluate a workplace's culture from a quick tour of the office

Culture is a defining element of any workplace. It consists of the character and personality of the organisation, and in some ways it's even more important than the business strategy because it..


How to maintain productivity during flu season

A study conducted by the Centre for International Economics last year found that "presenteeism" - the word used for people turning up to work when they're sick - costs the Australian economy more..


Why you should stop travelling to in-person meetings

Travelling to in-person meetings is an outdated way of collaborating with your colleagues and clients. The world has gone digital and many companies have embraced the advantages offered by new..


What are the best team-building activities?

A team that's able to work well together is likely to be more effective and more productive than one that can't work cohesively. One way to give your team the best chance of being able to work ..


9 ways to achieve work/life balance

Poor work/life balance can cause stress, unhappiness and reduced productivity. Unfortunately, it's very easy to fall into bad habits that mean you're spending much more of your mental energy on..


5 simple ways to enhance your productivity

Being productive is not about your intelligence or your capabilities. It's about practicing certain habits in order to make the most out of the hours in each day. Here are 5 simple ways to improve..


How to solve your conferencing challenges

In our blog 'Teleconferencing etiquette bugbears revealed', we discussed the results of a Robert Half survey regarding conference call etiquette according to 1000 workers.

The worst part about the..


All the most common conferencing terms explained

We know conferencing can be confusing. There are a lot of technical terms and if you've never conferenced before it can be overwhelming. We're here to clear up any confusion by explaining the most..


INBOUND conference set to kick off in Boston

As one of the leading teleconferencing providers in Australia, we are always looking for new ways to service our growing customer base. Of course, we are only ever as strong as our clients so it's..