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Melinda Vaelioja

What makes a great leader?

Everyone always talks about "born leaders" - those people who naturally know how to lead a team to success. While natural leaders can easily bring a team together to work towards greatness, can..


How to stay productive while working remotely

Staying productive while working remotely can be difficult. It can be hard to get into the right headspace and be as productive as possible. The great news is there are many ways you can overcome..


How to get the most out of shy employees

It can be hard to manage an employee who is shy when you yourself are not a shy person. Being understanding of your employees and their actions is the key to a successful working relationship that..


Prioritisation techniques that will make you more organised

Everyone has felt that drowning feeling you get when you can’t seem to get through your task list. Sometimes it can be hard to pull yourself out of the slump, get organised and get your motivation..


Increase productivity with these collaboration tools

Collaboration is defined as working with someone to create something. It is an important part of working life in most businesses, as teams must work efficiently to achieve their goals.

There are..


11 steps for running an effective business meeting from beginning to end

Everyone knows meetings can be a drag. We've all been stuck in a meeting, eyes slowly drooping and mind empty, with no end in sight. It's not exactly when we're at our most productive. However,..