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5 ways to evaluate a workplace's culture from a quick tour of the office

Culture is a defining element of any workplace. It consists of the character and personality of the organisation, and in some ways it's even more important than the business strategy because it..


How to maintain productivity during flu season

A study conducted by the Centre for International Economics last year found that "presenteeism" - the word used for people turning up to work when they're sick - costs the Australian economy more..


Why you should stop travelling to in-person meetings

Travelling to in-person meetings is an outdated way of collaborating with your colleagues and clients. The world has gone digital and many companies have embraced the advantages offered by new..


What makes a great leader?

Everyone always talks about "born leaders" - those people who naturally know how to lead a team to success. While natural leaders can easily bring a team together to work towards greatness, can..


What are the best team-building activities?

A team that's able to work well together is likely to be more effective and more productive than one that can't work cohesively. One way to give your team the best chance of being able to work ..


How to stay productive while working remotely

Staying productive while working remotely can be difficult. It can be hard to get into the right headspace and be as productive as possible. The great news is there are many ways you can overcome..


9 ways to achieve work/life balance

Poor work/life balance can cause stress, unhappiness and reduced productivity. Unfortunately, it's very easy to fall into bad habits that mean you're spending much more of your mental energy on..


How to get the most out of shy employees

It can be hard to manage an employee who is shy when you yourself are not a shy person. Being understanding of your employees and their actions is the key to a successful working relationship that..


5 simple ways to enhance your productivity

Being productive is not about your intelligence or your capabilities. It's about practicing certain habits in order to make the most out of the hours in each day. Here are 5 simple ways to improve..


Prioritisation techniques that will make you more organised

Everyone has felt that drowning feeling you get when you can’t seem to get through your task list. Sometimes it can be hard to pull yourself out of the slump, get organised and get your motivation..


Increase productivity with these collaboration tools

Collaboration is defined as working with someone to create something. It is an important part of working life in most businesses, as teams must work efficiently to achieve their goals.

There are..


How to solve your conferencing challenges

In our blog 'Teleconferencing etiquette bugbears revealed', we discussed the results of a Robert Half survey regarding conference call etiquette according to 1000 workers.

The worst part about the..


11 steps for running an effective business meeting from beginning to end

Everyone knows meetings can be a drag. We've all been stuck in a meeting, eyes slowly drooping and mind empty, with no end in sight. It's not exactly when we're at our most productive. However,..


All the most common conferencing terms explained

We know conferencing can be confusing. There are a lot of technical terms and if you've never conferenced before it can be overwhelming. We're here to clear up any confusion by explaining the most..


Debunking 3 web conference myths

New technologies aren’t always adopted right away. In fact, it can take many years for new technologies to be fully ingrained in society due to adoption barriers. Adoption barriers are concerns..


3 ways franchises can communicate online to enhance culture and share information

According to the Franchising Council of Australia, ‘franchising is a business relationship in which the franchisor assigns to independent people the right to market and distribute the franchisor's..


How every retailer can improve sales opportunities this Christmas

The forecast for this year’s silly season is strong for the Australian retail sector. According to Emily Bencic from Appliance Retailer, Christmas spending for 2016 is expected to increase based..


How to enhance communication in the retail sector

It’s Monday morning. You are a busy state manager preparing the weekly communication email you distribute to each of your stores about targets, revenue and performance. The region isn’t tracking..


How to create the best presentations

Presentations - some of us excel at them, others dread holding them. Here's an overview of what you need to up the ante for your next presentation, as well as how to make good slides.


How your leadership style can add productivity to conference calls

Former US political advisor George Stephanopoulos said in his book "All Too Human" that he didn't like talking to Bill Clinton, because before long he would begin to agree with the man.


3 essential strategies for implementing successful web conferences

By now, many in the business world are well aware of the multitude of benefits that web conferencing presents. Unfortunately, there are also a number of obstacles that can block organisations from..


3 ways to make the most of your next web conference

Long before humorously-captioned photos of awkward students, iconic movie scenes and cats in business attire, the word meme had a very different meaning. It referred to an idea that spread rapidly..


What is the difference between VoIP and digital phone lines?

When it comes to a successful conference call, many things need to be considered. A well-planned agenda, a prepared host and participants, and effective teamwork all need to be in place. On top of..


The importance of soft skills in the business environment

For all the benefits of hard, technical skills in the workplace, without personal interaction, business progress will always be limited. Soft skills are defined as "personal attributes that enable..


What is the right communication platform for your business needs?

To move forward on any significant project, businesses depend on team members being able to communicate and collaborate on key tasks. This reliance on teamwork certainly improves business..


Collaboration and communication key in Australian health industry

There is no doubt that the Australian health industry is under more pressure than ever to deliver high-quality and efficient results to the community. With the national population recently topping..    

Will your family business take the digital leap?

Over the coming years, many Australian family businesses are in for a sharp change at the top. As the baby-boomer generation begins to retire or take a backseat within an organisation, it will be..


Why should governments use web conferencing services?

With the various benefits it entails, web conferencing is popular among businesses for many reasons. The commercial sector, however, is not the only area that can benefit from an internet-based..


The endless possibilities of web conferencing in schools

No one method will ensure that Australian students are successful in school. There are so many factors that contribute to achievement, as well as a litany of reasons that cause students to lose..


You get what you pay for with web conferencing

With so many options out there for web conference calls, business leaders may be tempted to save money by choosing a free service over a paid one.

This decision seems perfectly sensible at first;..


How can teleconferencing keep your millennial employees happy?

As many of us know, millennials represent a growing force within the work world and are no longer a population demographic that can be ignored. According to McCrindle, there are 4.2 million..


Why you should offer teleworking to your employees

Teleworking, also known as telecommuting, essentially means that employees do their work outside of the office, whether this is at home or at a co-working office.

A 2013 McCrindle study showed..


Public speaking tips for your next conference call

Public speaking, including speaking in front of others in the workplace, can be a highly stressful experience for many. According to the National Institute of Mental Health in the US, 74 per cent..


Is technology on your agenda in 2016?

Technology is such an engrained part of our daily lives that it can be easy to take it for granted. However, at the same time, technology is always progressing, meaning business leaders must keep..


How to avoid disturbances in a conference call

The business world is fast-moving, and while this is positive for improving cashflow and other financial metrics, it doesn't always produce the easiest environment for conducting teleconferences.


Handling global diversity in web conferencing

According to a recent report by Asialink Business, Australian companies attempting to enter the Asian market are facing many challenges, especially surrounding understanding Asian business culture..


One less thing to worry about. Why auto recording your conference call could be your saving grace.

Recording a conference call is an excellent way to ensure conference participants have access to meeting content and comments made during a conference call, especially if they can't make it to..


Work-life balance requirements being met - survey

At this time of the year, many of us are starting to think about the Christmas and New Year break. As such, pressures around organising holidays and family get-togethers can begin to take a toll..


Why should your business consider taking the green approach?

In the world of business, green is definitely a trendy colour. While this doesn't mean enterprises are painting their walls green or changing their brand colour, the concept of green is more..


3 ways that web conferencing can add value to your operations in 2016

As we begin to close the curtains on 2015, most business leaders aren't looking past enjoying Christmas and the sunny New Year. However, despite the festive season, now is the time to start..


How to perform a great teleconference performance review

For many employees, a performance review is a great indicator of personal progress. While many major issues would be flagged outside of a review, this occasion presents an opportunity to get into..


Could teleconferencing help family businesses?

According to Family Business Australia, family-owned enterprises comprise 70 per cent of all companies around the country. We are a nation of self-starters, with many well-known businesses growing..


3 ways to avoid unwanted teleconference participants

For a business to be recognised as an industry leader, security must be a top priority. However, this doesn't just relate to locking your doors at night and ensuring no cash is left on the..


Collaboration key to retaining millennial workers - survey

Most business leaders would have already noticed a generation shift in their workplace. As more and more baby-boomers head into retirement, it is millennials that are becoming the dominant force.


Call for 'real time' risk management identification

In today's competitive environment, there are many risks that business leaders need to be aware of. Whether this is in relation to market volatility, economic changes or geopolitical crises, it is..


Confessions of a web conferencing expert [abridged]

We recently interviewed one of our experts to get the lowdown on how web conferencing can transform your next conference call.

You can read the longer version of this blog post here.

Q: Who uses..


Confessions of a web conferencing expert

We interviewed one of our experts to get the lowdown on how web conferencing can transform your next conference call.

You can read the abridged version of this blog post here.

Q: Who uses web c..


Businesses require digital marketing link

Collaboration is a key element of digital marketing.

Has a new enterprise entered your market recently? If so, your business is probably not alone.


New industries jumping on the flexible working trend - report

Despite the rise of flexible working options among many business sectors, others haven't been as quick to jump on this trend. However, according to the results of a recent Hays Quarterly Report,..


How can web conferencing help boost sales?

Addressing slow sales is key for all businesses.

The world of business can be quite cruel. Your enterprise might have the best team possible, a great idea and plenty of resources, but if..


7 ways web conferencing can transform your next conference call

Web conferencing allows you to communicate visually with people in different locations via the internet and when combined with a teleconferencing service, makes for an efficient and cost-effective..


2 cost-effective solutions for Australian businesses

It is fair to say that many Australian enterprises have had a tough few months. In September, Roy Morgan reported that business confidence was at a four year low and that fewer organisations..


Communication key in project decision making process

Projects come in all shapes and sizes. However, if there is one common element key to the success of each and every project, it would be decision-making.


Innovation key to a bright business future - report

The 21st century marketplace is truly global and if Australian businesses fail to pick up on this trend, there could be dire consequences. This is a concept that should come as no surprise, with..


Could the prospect of new skills attract jobseekers?

New skills could attract candidates to positions.

To make themselves attractive to jobseeking candidates, businesses today must stand out from the crowd. Whether this comes in the form of..


How to hold a performance review via teleconference

Performance reviews are an important part of keeping all employees progressing well. How can this be achieved via a teleconference?    

Do you work remotely?

Working remotely is becoming more common.

While many employees would prefer to not bring their work home with them, it's becoming an increasing trend thanks to the prevalence of mobile..


INBOUND conference set to kick off in Boston

As one of the leading teleconferencing providers in Australia, we are always looking for new ways to service our growing customer base. Of course, we are only ever as strong as our clients so it's..


Need for flexible working options highlighted

Fathers need to spend more time with their families.

There is no doubt that a positive family life is one of the keys to a stable upbringing for a child.

However, as the stresses of work..


How recording teleconferences can help with your compliance

Compliance can become a problem in any size business.

3 ways to (legally) improve your mobile reception

No reception can derail the most organised teleconference.

Mobile reception is something that can seem to play games with you. One minute, you have three bars and life seems rosy, but the..


Technology influencing workday schedules

Working after hours is possible thanks to technology.

Historically, the workday was exactly that - a day. Employees coming into the office at 9am, going home at 5pm and not thinking about..


Could your business go a month without operating?

Time can quickly escape during poor productivity.

Running a small business is never easy, and there are often a number of obstacles blocking growth and development. Fortunately, many of these..


Teleconferencing etiquette bugbears revealed

For more and more Australian businesses, teleconferencing is the new way of communicating with stakeholders and clients in other countries.

Teleconferencing was recently the subject of a Robert..


Australia overshadowed in innovation and technology stakes

While many Australian businesses might agree that innovation and technology are the cornerstones of business growth in the 21st century, according to a recent Microsoft Australia study, very few..


Web conferencing advantages for Australian charities

The number of registered charities in Australia continues to grow by the month. According to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, there were 269 new entries in June - up nine..


Conference calls for non-profit organisations

Save your non-profit or charitable organisation time and money with teleconferencing.


Are your employees working overtime?

Teleconferencing could be a solution for increasing overtime rates.

Does virtual brainstorming work?

Virtual brainstorming is a great way to collaborate with remote team members.

How to deal with difficult conference call situations

There are great ways to deal with tricky situations in a conference call.

3 ways to communicate like a charismatic leader in a web conference

Delivering a stellar presentation is not hard.

3 trends in large-scale conferences for 2015

Event organisers are expecting a lot more from conference venues.

5 ways to collaborate virtually like a high performance team

Just because a team is virtual does not mean it cannot deliver high performance results like a team that is co-located.


6 ways to make virtual coaching work

Busy executives the world over are adopting virtual coaching as a tool to mentor their employees.

Time is a precious commodity for the modern executive. With a day likely crammed with..


2 situations when ice breakers are bad for a virtual meeting

If you decide to use ice breakers in your virtual meeting, remember it is a path you must tread carefully.

A short team building exercise is a great way to get a virtual meeting off to a..


Workplace flexibility takes top priority in survey

Working from home is a popular way to promote work/life balance.

As a business grows and develops, there is one aspect that keeps the organisation ticking over - employees.

There is an..


How can managers develop the workplace of the future?

Leadership teams are re-thinking workplace design to encourage three key objectives: communication, productivity and innovation.     

How to make teleconferences better than their face-to-face counterparts

A virtual meeting can be more successful than a face-to-face meeting if run the right way.

4 ways to use collaboration technologies the right way

Companies that use collaborative technologies arrive at decisions much faster than their counterparts who do not. 


4 ways you can run a successful virtual meeting

Virtual meetings can be extremely effective if planned the correct way.

Businesses are always looking for solutions that provide seamless integration of processes, reduce overheads and boost..


3 visual elements to include in your next presentation

Have you ever been so bored in an oral presentation that you've fallen asleep?

It is fair to say that we all experience meetings and presentations where the speaker located overseas just isn't..


How to maintain focus during an after-hours teleconference

One of the consequences of businesses operating across borders is that you'll often have to undertake meetings and conference calls outside of working hours.


How to create collaboration between distant departments

In the 80s and 90s, businesses often only operated in one country. Bound by the significant cost of heading into overseas markets and the reluctance to expand, many companies felt secure in their..


3 vital teleconferencing skills for any employee

Leading a teleconference effectively requires a certain set of skills. Regardless of whether it's your first ever conference call or a you're a seasoned professional, the clients and customers on..


Happy Easter from Eureka Conferencing!

Unfortunately, some people may need to work over the upcoming Easter break. It doesn't take much to imagine how far-reaching the mental and physical effects of overwork are - from disengagement..


How to have a more productive conference call

Conference calling can be an effective tool for enhancing business communication and collaboration, as well as helping managers to build better relationships between partners.


Managing communication during a crisis

While no business likes to think about it, there may come a time when things don't go quite to plan, leaving you with a potential crisis on your hands.


Keep your business on track through a confidence dip

Weathering the highs and lows of the economy is a fact of life for any Australian business. When times are good, it's easy to get complacent and forget the mistakes of the past, while a reversal..


How to use teleconferencing to keep business travel expenses down

For any organisation conducting business across a geographically diverse range of locations, it's of paramount importance to maintain good communication in spite of the distance.


Is your business innovation friendly?

While many businesses would like to consider themselves leaders in innovation, it appears that not all work environments are conducive to change. The danger for businesses that obstinately resist..


Streamlining decision making over the phone

We look at whether calling instead of emailing can help to streamline some of our daily communication as well as increasing productivity.    

Better phone communication: Part two

Don't draw a blank on your next teleconference.

Better phone communication: Part one

We take a look at two ways to improve your communication skills for your next teleconference call so that you can get your message across effectively.     

Let's talk it over: Communication for a healthy work environment

Communication is key to a healthy work environment.

Streamlining succession management with teleconferencing

Streamline HR with teleconferencing.

2 ways to improve your communication skills

Improving your communication skills.

Help for marketers struggling to keep pace

Not all marketers are able to keep up. Teleconferencing helps CMOs every day.

Changing workplace trends in 2015: How teleconferencing helps

Many workplaces are changing in two dramatic ways. You may be feeling the effects of these already - a teleconferencing service can help.


Digital businesses need to be intentionally unstable: Gartner

Staying in touch is a crucial part of improving business flexibility.

3 things you may not know about using web conferencing

Did you know these three things about web conferencing in Australia?

SMEs drive innovation, though struggle with actionable plans

SMEs should not isolate themselves with their innovative ideas, experts say.

Strategy to become more customer-focused in 2015

Who creates a strategy in your company?

3 benefits of cloud communication

Your new cloud-based web conferencing package is ready to help benefit your business.

3 ways to help a struggling startup

Is your startup counting its losses?Find the tools to improve today.

What are the benefits of teleconferencing?

If you're working in the business world, it’s more than likely that you’ve heard of teleconferencing. What you may not know is why it's such a great tool and the benefits it provides. 

Whether you..


Season's Greetings from Eureka

Thank you for your business in 2014.


How to give a great sales pitch by web conferencing

Customers are growing frustrated with telesales. A web conference holds the solution.

3 ways to help co-creation

Collaboration between offices is easy with a web conference.

3 signs your business needs more collaboration

Every organisation has one ultimate goal: to progress and grow in size. However, if it were that easy, every business would be doing it.

There is no magic formula when it comes to business growth,..


Planning your time around a conference call

You may find you have more time with a conference call. Make sure you use it effectively.

3 ways to improve productivity in the workplace

Workplace productivity is a problem at the top of many employers’ minds. It’s an issue that's not always easy to combat - it could be a result of the environment of the office which is impacting..


Web conferencing helps weekend workers

Technology can help those who have to work on the weekend.

Benefits of beginning on a per-minute billing teleconferencing system

Starting in a user-pays system holds benefits for a business.

The cost of ineffective meetings

Your business could be losing huge amounts of money due to poor meetings.

What are the trends leading to business innovation?

What makes a business truly innovative?

How is digital leadership changing Aussie businesses?

What trends will allow Aussie businesses to rise in 2015?

Are your employees working too hard?

Three-quarters of workers said employers can do more to reduce unpaid overtime. Teleconferencing can help you to help them.

How to help overloaded workers

Are your employees calling out for help? Assist them with better conference call services.

Aussie business is rapidly changing: How to keep up

Is your business to change? Make sure your communications are ready to keep up.

Working with an empty office

Is your office becoming increasingly emptier?

Teleworkers have greater job satisfaction, Cisco finds

Three-quarters of teleworkers found resources like teleconference calls fit seamlessly into their work lives.

3 steps to declutter your desk

Are you caught under a pile of paperwork? Conference call services can help.

Conferencing in the cloud and how it can benefit your business

Is your business communicating through the cloud?

21st-century communication for your green business

Make your office truly green with conference call services.

The dos and don'ts of a great presentation

The adoption of conference call services means you don't have to be present to give a great presentation.

Be creative to help employees develop

Giving your employees the freedom and the resources to be creative can shake up your business productivity.

What to include in a teleconference agenda

The agenda of a teleconference must be very carefully considered. It is important to remember that one of the reasons why you decided to conduct your meeting via conference call in the first place..


How conferencing can drive your startup

Your startup can become a lucrative business with the right communication services.

A solution for those with mobile security concerns

The agility of mobile devices is impressive, though they could be a weak link in your business security model.

3 teleconferencing skills employees must have

There are many skills required for a successful teleconference.

Celebrating 25 years of internet in Australia

The internet has come a long way in 25 years. The way people from all over Australia can communicate has led to web conferencing becoming a popular tool for business.

3 ways that web conferencing can benefit productivity

Improve your productivity with web conferencing.

Poor communication and its effect on employee productivity

Businesses can lose money easily. Poor employee productivity is one of the easiest ways this can happen.

A lack of communication in remote areas is leaving Australia vulnerable

The most remote locations can suffer from a lack of communication and collaboration. This can be addressed today.

3 ways teleconferencing can help marketing teams

Marketing teams can meet virtually rather than face-to-face.

5 tips for hosting your next conference call

Conference calls are not limited to the board room. Make the most of their versatility by being an effective host.

3 ways conferencing can boost your crowdsourcing capabilities

Improving communication in your crowdsourcing endeavour is one key to success.

Simple, money-saving steps to improve employee productivity and engagement

Keep your employees engaged and productivity high by streamlining your business communication.

Urban and rural Australia have the means to collaborate and connect

An enterprising spirit is one of the things that makes Australia great. Businesses can expand their communications further than ever with web conferencing.

Businesses are evolving to better use visual data

Visual data like images and infographics can improve your business communication. Unlock the potential with web conferencing.

3 ways self-employed people can thrive with conference services

Whatever your industry, self-employed people can make use of tailored services to better their resources.

Lack of innovation has crippled progress for many Australian businesses

Innovation keeps a company on the front-foot. Web conferencing services allow information sharing and collaboration to keep your business bustling.

Why your email marketing campaign isn't working

Information is quickly moving in 2014 . Give your client the time of day with a conference call.

Avoiding malicious emails: Utilise web conferencing to boost your online security

Email cyber attacks are as broad as they are malicious. Proceed with caution, or use alternative means.

Modernise and improve your business presentation with web conferencing

Sharing information shouldn't be a daunting experience or no one benefits. Taking your presentation online has some great advantages.

The importance of the personal touch: How charities benefit from conferencing

Teleconferencing is an ideal way to speak with groups of people on a collaborative, human level.

How web conferencing could help disability groups

The Enable Technology Learning Program is in full flow, connecting assistive technology development with the people who know best.

How to make outsourcing easier with teleconferencing

Teleconferencing ensures every part of your business stays communicated.

How can web conferencing increase meeting productivity?

Traditional face to face meetings have been found to be unproductive.

Tips for a teleconference via a mobile phone

Finding a quiet location is imperative on a remote teleconference call.

Establishing business relationships via web conferencing

Foreign business relationships can be managed via web conferencing.

3 reasons to choose Eureka Conferencing

Businesses looking to communicate cheaply and efficiently with clients and customers have plenty of choice in the telecommunications market, but not all providers are created equal.

As web..


3 web conferencing benefits to discuss with your boss

Web conferencing can help firms stay in control of its business.

Study: Australian employees working longer hours

Conferencing tools can reduce the need for employee overtime.

How to conduct a survey via a teleconference

Teleconference surveys can provide vital insight into your business performance.

3 tips for helping you focus on an after-hours teleconference

Staying focused is key on an after hours conference call.

How to conduct an AGM via a teleconference

Depending on your business structure, you are most likely required by law to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) once every year, within a few months of the beginning of the company's financial..


Tips for a effective web conference powerpoint presentation

Read through web conference presentations to avoid mistakes.

Web conferencing an ideal tool for internal business

Web conferencing can ensure your team is all moving in the same direction.

Debunking 3 teleconferencing misconceptions

Ever since businesses began to teleconference back in the 1960s, there have been a number of misconceptions around how to use it effectively, how much it costs to implement and whether it's..


Tips for handling international teleconferences

Differences in cultures and philosophies make the international business world an exciting place full of creativity and innovation. However these same differences, which can be beneficial in many..


Key skills for a web conference sales pitch

Employees who lead web conference sales pitches need to exude confidence.

Web conferencing part of growing software market

Web conferencing is part of a growing software market in Australia.

3 mistakes to avoid when web conferencing

Avoiding common web conferencing mistakes will ensure the success of your meeting.

Conducting a job interview via a teleconference

It's not always possible to interview potential employees in person, usually because the candidate is located overseas. However, there is an easy way to conduct interviews seamlessly, no matter..


Web conferencing - a green way to grow

Forbes has identified web conferencing as a green way for businesses to grow.

How can teleconferencing improve productivity?

Teleconferencing can solve common issues around scheduling meetings.

As business competition increases, the productivity of your workers could be the difference between moving forward in the..


Teleconferencing - the way to beat the traffic

According to TomTom, Australian traffic jams are becoming worse.

How to take good notes while in a web conference

Taking good notes is critical during a web conference.

Innovative ways that charities can utilise conferencing technology

Charities with workers on the ground will benefit from teleconferencing.

Web conferencing set for rise in popularity

Web conferencing is set to take over video as the most popular conferencing platform.

Why is teleconferencing better than other communication platforms?

Working with a dedicated teleconference provider gives businesses peace of mind.

3 visual aids that can transform your web conference

You can simplify points by using powerful visual aids during a web conference.

Benefits of teleconferencing for charities

Charities have limited time and funds which makes teleconferencing perfect.

Potential for web conferencing to help poor communicators

Conducting conferences can be stressful for some executives.

What does a teleconference help desk do?

There is always help available when conducting a conference call.

Tips for employees training staff to use web conferencing or teleconferencing

As a business grows, more employees need to know how to conduct online meetings.

Tips for an effective teleconference or web conference agenda

A teleconference or web conference agenda needs to be clear.

Benefits of a dial-out conference service

Businesses that teleconference can dial important people in themselves.

Tips for a successful web conference sales pitch

A simple sales pitch can be effective via a web conference call.

Different concepts to utilise web conferencing

Hosting thought-provoking conferences can be a benefit to a business.

How safe are my teleconference recordings

Recordings made of teleconferences are kept on secure servers for 28 days.

What types of businesses can benefit from conferencing technologies

Conferencing technology can connect businesses around the world, or just down the road.

Best mobile phones for teleconferencing

Teleconferencing is made simple with the latest smartphone technology.

4 tips for conducting a web conference training session

Web conferencing can prove to be an invaluable tool when training multiple staff across different offices or locations. 


Top 3 types of technology to bring your business into the 21st century

Technology can help businesses better connect to customers.

Web conferencing technology extends to education

Schools are joining businesses to use web conferencing.

Why it pays to pay for teleconferencing

Are you shopping around for a teleconferencing provider? Perhaps you're new to teleconferencing and considering the various features and capabilities on offer? Or maybe you have experience with a..


Why teleconferencing is an invaluable tool for small businesses

Teleconferencing is a great communication option for businesses of all sizes and scopes, but small businesses in particular can often benefit from the merits of teleconferencing. It helps promote..


Boost your company's sustainability with teleconferencing

According to Global Language Monitor's Top 50 Business Buzzwords of 2013, sustainability was the third most-commonly used term in businesses all over the world last year.


Do you need to be tech-savvy to use a teleconferencing or web conferencing service?

Teleconferencing and web conferencing services are not new to the business world - they have been successfully employed by innovative organisations for a number of years now, for a wide range of..


What are the pros and cons of face-to-face meetings?

Before the invention of webcams, if you wanted to have a face-to-face meeting with people outside of your office you had no choice but to travel to meet each other. This way of meeting is..


How to make presentations that pop

One of the major benefits associated with web conferencing is that it gives you the ability to share presentations with people in a wide range of locations.


How web conferencing can improve work/life balance in your company

The secret is out: Happy employees are productive employees. In fact, studies have proven that content, satisfied workers who enjoy their job and like their workplace are far more likely to be..


Teleconference etiquette in 7 easy steps

With the introduction of web conferencing and video conferencing, the good old teleconference has lost its appeal. But is that fair? 


5 Easy Ways To Simplify Employee Training with Web Conferencing

 If you’re struggling to find innovative ways to keep  employee training current and exciting, you’re not alone.    It’s a common bugbear for HR Managers in businesses of  all sizes. However, the..


Teleconferences with international participants

Teleconference services are a wonderful way to shrink the world. Communication technology is so advanced now that when you call someone a million miles away it will sound like they are next door...

Using mobile phones for teleconferencing - yes or no?

Teleconferences are the perfect way to collaborate and communicate. People from a variety of locations can work together as if they were in the same room. Project teams can cooperate, sales teams..


Women favour teleconferences

Whilst the gap between men’s and women’s working habits has closed in the last decade, there are still some differences in the way the genders operate. The shoulder pads and power suits of the..


Definition of a teleconference - in layman's terms, please!

Ever tried to organise an in-person conference for business partners, industry leaders, colleagues, managers or clients? It’s no mean feat! In fact, it’s often a logistical nightmare. The..