A lack of communication in remote areas is leaving Australia vulnerable

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The most remote locations can suffer from a lack of communication and collaboration. This can be addressed today.

From the humid and windy north to the sun-kissed south, the variety of Australia's regions is one of the most attractive and endearing characteristics it has.

However, this variety means that different challenges exist all over the country. Experts in the healthcare industry are saying that these challenges are simply not being met, which in such an important sector can be critical to human life.

Speaking at The Quantum Leap conference this month, CEO of British Columbia's First Nations Health Authority Joe Gallagher said people need to be brought together to meet the challenges from different perspectives.

To bring people together is, in its essence, why conference call services exist.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

In his speech at The Quantum Leap, Mr Gallagher said: "It's really important to understand that, to learn and make improvements, sometimes we have to see things in a different way. If we only come at it from our own cultural lens and are closed to everything else, then we're only going to see things the same way.

"[We need to] recognise that the way we look at the world maybe shouldn't be the only way that we're looking at it."

Mr Gallagher specified the need for greater collaboration in remote areas - in particular reference to the healthcare needs of Indigenous people and Torres Strait Islanders.

These claims are supported by recent Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reports that these people experience diabetes 20 years earlier than non-Indigenous adults.

Connecting people with conference calls

Low-cost conference calls are designed to address the blind spots in communication immediately and effectively.

By being competitively priced, web or teleconferencing operates at the budget of any industry sector - especially those with scarce resources.

No advanced technology is needed: teleconferencing can be done over a mobile phone, and computers do not require software installation to run web conferencing meetings.

Conference call services in Australia are designed to bring people together, talking and sharing information that could prove pivotal in keeping individuals informed, safe and healthy.

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Last updated on September 24, 2014 22:51

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