7 ways web conferencing can transform your next conference call

Web conferencing allows you to communicate visually with people in different locations via the internet and when combined with a teleconferencing service, makes for an efficient and cost-effective meeting method.

Transform your conference calls with web conferencing

This type of conference call caters to a wide variety of meeting types where access to visual information or collaboration on company documents and spreadsheets is needed.

Hosting a meeting via the internet is the most efficient and productive alternative to physical face-to-face meetings when your team, colleagues, customers or suppliers can’t physically be in the same room at the same time.

Web conferencing allows you to communicate directly with participants, regardless of their location, over a standard telephone connection, as well as share your computer screen.

This allows you to efficiently;

  • deliver presentations and slide shows
  • review spreadsheets and complex documents
  • host training sessions and workshops
  • transfer files and collaborate in real time

Both the audio and visual components of a meeting can be recorded so that meeting proceedings can be viewed at later date and distributed to participants who couldn't make it.

Here are 7 ways you can transform your next conference call:

1. Enrich collaboration

The ability to share screens and visualise information during a web conference call is one of the most valued commodities available. It enables efficient decision-making and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

2. Increase meeting attendance

Meeting remotely over the internet removes the need for time-consuming travel so participants will more likely be able to fit your meeting into their busy schedules.

3. Enhance participant engagement

We are more responsive to visual data. Seeing a presenter and being able to follow along with their slide show can help us feel more connected during a meeting, resulting in a higher level of engagement and information retention when audio and visual information are combined.

4. Add a level of interactivity
Web conferencing allows participants to instant message the host or presenter with questions or comments if and when required, providing an easy way of facilitating Q&A and voting sessions during a meeting without disrupting it.

5. Improve meeting security 

A meeting host can see on their screen the names of participants as they join (and leave) the meeting. This improves security and removes any worry of disclosing sensitive information.

6. Easy to use – no special equipment needed

Web conferencing users do not need any advanced training or technical knowledge. The service is fast and easy to use. One user will act as the host of the conference, while others will simply need to activate a link (provided by the host) in order to join the conference.

Businesses only require a computer or laptop and a quality internet connection to use the web conferencing tool. There is no need for a specifically-designed room as this type of meeting can be conducted in a hotel room, airport, empty conference room, at your own desk or home office.

7. Economical way to meet

Web conferencing keeps company costs down by replacing costly meeting-related travel arrangements with a very low per person, per minute rate (Eureka only charges 9 cents per minute).

An increasingly valuable asset used by many successful organisations, web conferencing can provide a richer, more sophisticated method of collaboration that can facilitate faster, results-driven decision-making and essentially make your life a whole lot easier.


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