3 ways to avoid unwanted teleconference participants

231115.jpgFor a business to be recognised as an industry leader, security must be a top priority. However, this doesn't just relate to locking your doors at night and ensuring no cash is left on the premises.

Due to the highly competitive nature of business today, any conversations held between your team and important stakeholders, clients and customers must be kept private. 

There is no way that your enterprise will be trusted with critical project details again if your client's opposition manages to catch wind of these talks.

According to a survey cited by Computer Weekly from Ring2 Conferencing, 88 per cent of IT professionals noted the importance of conference call security. Unfortunately, more than half (53 per cent) didn't know every person on a call.

So, how does Eureka Conferencing help to ensure that no unwanted participants join?

1) Providing new dial-in access codes on request

Remember when that unhappy employee left for the competition? Well, what happens if they are using those dial-in access codes to listen in to your teleconferences? To avoid this situation, we are more than happy to provide new codes when staff leave.

Given that employees who have left know when you hold client meetings and project updates, this is a risk that you can't afford to take. This is why Eureka Conferencing takes security so seriously.

Additionally, the teleconferencing technology sounds a short tone upon anyone entering the call or requires a name announcement so you can ensure the right people are involved in the call.

2) Locking the conference

Know who is on your conference call in real-time.

If a former employee has the code to enter a teleconference, locking the conference call is another way to prevent them from hearing the content. As with every teleconference with Eureka Conferencing, the host is able to lock the call once all participants have joined by pressing *7.

This process is also easily reversible to allow any latecomers into the meeting.

3) Informing number of participants

Since a teleconference can handle over 200 lines at any one time, an unwanted participant could easily slip in and remain quiet to avoid detection. However, another way to prevent this from happening is by pressing *0*6*6.

This discloses how many parties have entered the teleconference. Simply match this against your agenda or participant list and ensure that unwanted guests aren't lurking in the shadows.

For more information about the security benefits of teleconferencing, talk to our professional team today.

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Last updated on November 23, 2015 07:40

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