3 ways that web conferencing can add value to your operations in 2016

081215b.jpgAs we begin to close the curtains on 2015, most business leaders aren't looking past enjoying Christmas and the sunny New Year. However, despite the festive season, now is the time to start putting plans in place for the beginning of the new corporate calendar.

If fortunes haven't favoured your organisation this year or you are looking to position your business in a different manner, using the New Year as a platform for change can be beneficial. While certain organisations will focus on bringing in new staff to make these amendments, others will invest in technology such as web conferencing to add value to their operations.

Here are three reasons how web conferencing can make a difference this coming year.

1) Reduce travel expenses

It is now halfway through the 2015-16 financial year and there will be a few business leaders thinking about ways to cut unnecessary spending. Travel expenses are one of these and according to Statista, business travel expenses were expected to expand worldwide by at least 8.6 per cent this year.

While there are always going to be times when it's necessary to send a staff member overseas, striking a balance is key.

This highlights one of the benefits of web conferencing. Instead of conducting sales presentations, product updates and contract negotiations in person, the internet could prove a better option with screens shared between parties. The same information is passed on, but at a fraction of the price.

2) Control project management

For a project of any size to flourish, communication around statuses and deadlines needs to be clear between parties. However, based on a study from Georgia State University's Mark Keil and Miami University's Jeff Smith, misreporting and poor progress communication are the biggest issues in the project management scene.

This is especially the case if the two parties aren't located in the same city or country - discussions are not held as often and expectations can shift over time. If your business wants to avoid this issue in 2016, web conferencing might be the angle to take.

Meetings can be set up in an instant, which means your team can discuss project details with key stakeholders within minutes of scheduling. This cuts out the time delay of travel and results in a more collaborative and productive process.

If changes need to be made to a project, this information can be relayed quickly and without stress. Additionally, the regular check-ins mean that timelines can be strictly followed and the client can see progress as it happens.

3) Streamline training

With the Australian economy turning a corner in recent months, 2016 is poised to be a strong one from an employment perspective. According to the latest statistics from Roy Morgan, the increase to the workforce in October was the largest seen in 12 months. For all the advantages of adding people to your team, it is important they are trained efficiently, correctly and productively - regardless of what department they're in.

With web conferencing you can run general training sessions with new members of your team across departments, business locations and even countries. Simply create a presentation with videos, pictures and other information, and share it across the web conferencing platform. This ensures that everyone is trained to the same standard and can start contributing as soon as possible.

Will 2016 be the year of growth?

For business leaders, changing nothing within an enterprise results in the status quo. If you are looking for an edge next year, contact the team at Eureka Conferencing to find out how web conferencing can be your ticket to a profitable 2016!

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