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3 vital teleconferencing skills for any employee

Posted by Eureka Editor

Last updated on January 27, 2017

skillsLeading a teleconference effectively requires a certain set of skills. Regardless of whether it's your first ever conference call or a you're a seasoned professional, the clients and customers on the other end of the line need to hear the same level of confidence from you.

There are many different skills to learn prior to a teleconference which can make the whole meeting as smooth as possible. There is no doubt that if the conference call is well-managed, the outcome will almost certainly be more positive at the end of the day.

As such, here are three important teleconferencing skills to learn.

1) Voice and body language

Although the teleconference guests are unable to tell where or how the host is sitting, this can play an important role in how the host comes across to the meeting guests.

It is recommended to sit in an upright position or even stand up during the call. By doing this, your tone and pitch has more authority and control - perfect for leading a busy teleconference. Another trick is to gesture with your hands much like a normal face-to-face conversation as it can help to explain difficult subjects clearly.

2) Leadership

As teleconferencing technology becomes more widely used across Australia, it is likely that entry-level employees will be conducting them. This essentially means that they could be leading a teleconference with clients or customers before becoming a leader within the business.

However, these individuals shouldn't be overwhelmed by the sudden leadership responsibility. Instead, they must be confident to speak on the call with as many as 200 people and ensure that the meeting agenda is adhered to.

3) Direction

With clients and customers on the line often strapped for time, it is important for the agenda to be stuck to as closely as possible. Any diversions or tangents that aren't related to the topic at hand need to be stopped and the meeting brought back on track.

Having a strong presence in the call is key to this. By outlining who is speaking when, employees leading teleconferences will enjoy far greater success rates and productivity levels.

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