3 visual elements to include in your next presentation

220415Have you ever been so bored in an oral presentation that you've fallen asleep?

It is fair to say that we all experience meetings and presentations where the speaker located overseas just isn't engaging. Whether it is the subject matter, their pitch and tone or the entire conference itself, it can all culminate in an unproductive outcome.

This is where web conferencing can come in handy. Through the latest technology, it is possible to use a number of visual aids to boost your message and engage the audience in a new and inventive way.

In fact, according to several surveys, immediately after a 10-minute oral presentation, the average listener has only understood, heard and retained around 50 per cent of the information. The next day, this memory falls another 50 per cent, so just a quarter of the presentation's content is still remembered.

To drive home a message, people need to remember what the presentation was actually about. So how can this be achieved efficiently?

Here are three visual aids that can be used in a web conference:

1) Videos

While most of your colleagues' video consumption may be limited to cats on YouTube, this visual element can also play a key role within a web conference. Perhaps you are in the middle of deep negotiations with a client or customer that just can't imagine how your product will actually work. Having a video on your side could sway the deal.

However, it is important to remember that even the most thought-provoking video can drag on and viewers may begin to lose interest. With this in mind, keep it short, concise and to the point.

2) Spreadsheet data

Reading out sales figures or projections from a piece of paper is very boring to an audience as they are visually blind to their context. Instead, create a sharable web conference spreadsheet so everyone can see what you are talking about.

By doing this, the spreadsheet can be colour coded or put into graphs, tables and lists. As well as this, those connected to the web conference are able to edit and collaborate on the spreadsheet if necessary.

3) Documents/Contracts

One of the clear advantages of visual aids in a web conference is the ability to view documents that may have previously had to be emailed or posted. Take the example of a contract - when discussing the finer points, both the business and the clients can collaborate within the document and make changes if needed. 

As the clients have been able to discuss and amend sections of the document, the outcome can be more positive for all parties.

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