Cost effective conferencing

Conferencing can save businesses money.  While the obvious savings come in the form of reduced travel costs and downtime for employees who are out of the office - there are three some simple rules to remember to save money on each and every conference.

1.  Use Local Access Numbers:  Where possible, get your guests to dial into their local number.  Most providers have a range of numbers - having your guests use the closest number to their office is the cheapest option.  This is true for both National and International conferences.

2.  Get your meeting started on time:  It might be obvious, but getting your meeting started on time saves money.  Costs start to add up - when you are waiting for guests or have to revise content for guests who have turned up late.

3.  Record your meetings:  It may cost a little to recorecording conferencings, recordrd, but the savings can be made as the recording can be immediately uploaded and emailed to absent or late guests.  No need to repeat your meeting!

4.  Use Conference Rooms:  Just because everyone has a phone, doesn't mean they have to use it.  Getting groups of people from the same office can assist in saving costs.

Saving money can be easy.  Just follow the 4 key rules to cost effective conferencing.

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