How web conferencing can improve work/life balance in your company

The secret is out: Happy employees are productive employees. In fact, studies have proven that content, satisfied workers who enjoy their job and like their workplace are far more likely to be productive than their disengaged, unsatisfied counterparts. 

Despite this, the vast majority of Australian businesses are still struggling to engage and satisfy employees in a meaningful way. According to Gallup's latest State of the Global Workplace report, just 24 per cent of employees in Australia and New Zealand are engaged at work. 60 per cent are disengaged and unhappy at work, while 16 per cent are actively disengaged and outright loathe their job.

Worldwide, Gallup estimates that just one in eight employees are "fully involved in and enthusiastic about their jobs" - an alarming figure when you consider that disengaged employees are likely to be less productive, do lower quality work, and often affect the performance of their colleagues as well.  

So what can Australian employers do to combat this issue and ensure that they are providing a safe and happy working environment for employees? Well, they might start by providing a reliable and consistent web conferencing solution

Having access to web conferencing technology gives employees a greater degree of mobility and flexibility, in terms of where and how they do their jobs. By sharing their screens with other professionals, employees can host presentations and send and receive live files while on the go, ensuring they have greater control over their professional environment. 

Workplace flexibility has been proven to positively affect office morale. A study conducted by SurveyMonkey in 2013 found that 46 per cent of people who have the option to work on the go say that if they lost that flexibility, they'd enjoy their job less.

So if you're looking to boost workplace satisfaction and engagement, a web conferencing solution like the one offered by Eureka Conferencing may be the way to go.

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Last updated on December 12, 2016 15:12

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