5 Easy Ways To Simplify Employee Training with Web Conferencing

2 business people watching screen If you’re struggling to find innovative ways to keep  employee training current and exciting, you’re not alone.    It’s a common bugbear for HR Managers in businesses of  all sizes. However, the motivation of staff is integral to the  growth of a business and professional development is  closely linked to motivation.  Regular training ensures  team members are equipped with the appropriate skills  and knowledge required for a profitable business.

 Maintaining a training program is not an easy task -  especially if you have multiple offices in various locations around the country or the world. Usually in situations such as this, employees (or the HR Manager) are asked to travel – at great expense to the business and the environment.  So what’s the alternative?

Online training is a fantastic business improvement that not only reduces the overall cost of training but can also help businesses see an increase in productivity and job satisfaction.

There are a number of ways to achieve this:

  • Inform all employees on industry trends and changes: It’s important that your employees are across updates that affect your business and/or industry. It helps them feel engaged and more able to adopt new practises into their own work.  The business world is evolving at its most rapid rate since the Industrial Age, and changes to an industry could happen overnight.  It’s going to be far more feasible to create a presentation and broadcast it via web conference to an entire business than it is to bring all employees into one central location.

  • Compliance training: Occupational Health and Safety and ISO standards are just two of the sorts of compliance codes that businesses need to adhere to.  They can change regularly and for that reason it is imperative that all employees are across the information as quickly as possible.  You don’t want to put your business or employees at risk by non-compliance.   

  • Conduct new employee training: You will of course want to hold the hand of your new employee for a little while; make them feel at home, introduce people face to face etc. However, depending on the role, training can take weeks if not months and it may not always be possible to have the HR Manager on hand that long, due to geographic location.  Using teleconferences or web conferences are a great way to hook up with that new employee and take them through specific training modules whilst being on the line to answer questions.

  • Company updates: When your business is growing it’s hard to keep every employee adequately informed of every decision you make, over a coffee or in the hallway. Most people don’t like surprises when it comes to changes at work, so nervousness can creep in, especially for remote staff.  A quick teleconference can be a great way to set all everyone’s mind at ease.

  • Build a training database: Once you have established protocols around your remote training, it is easy to replicate the process over and over again.  You can build training presentations with notes and guides and store them centrally to be used again by other employees. As you can record your conferences too, it means the onus is off only one person being in control of the training; others can use the recordings and materials to deliver the training.

Good communication should be a priority for all businesses.  When people are aware, and informed they feel in control.  And when they feel in control they are usually happier and more productive. It’s so important to keep everyone updated on compliance, company policy, and industry changes and teleconferences and web conferences are a great way to do it. They’re a cost effective, fast, efficient and flexible method of communication.

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Last updated on May 24, 2017 13:02

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